Beautiful Blooms

We’ve been riding six days a week here on the west coast. On the seventh day we rest and explore the neighborhood on foot. Even though we are in drought mode the flower streets are alive with the vibrant colors of spring. On a recent walk we captured so many beautiful photos that I couldn’t resist sharing some of them in this post. I wish I could share the fragrances with you as well, but I can’t – so enjoy this photo essay.

Enjoying one of our nature walks!
The flowers from aloe-like succulents
A flowering rosemary. When you touch it, the fragrance is strong.
Colorful succulent
No-scent red roses
The yellow, orange and pink ones smell good…like roses!
It doesn’t have a scent, but it’s purple and I love it!
The jasmine is everywhere and you smell it when you walk by

I don’t want to disappoint my dessert fans, so I am going to close with a picture of what my darling and thoughtful son had delivered for Mother’s Day! It came in this bag:

Cupcakes and Chocolate!

Coming up in my next post: more traditional tandempalooza pictures of people in spandex, and maybe even more special desserts!

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Blooms

  1. Thanks for the bright and cheery mid-afternoon pick me up! The purple flowers with no scent are Bougainvillea. I know purple would be your favorite, but they come in a variety of other colors too and are very easy to grower in warmer climates. We have some pink ones in pots in front of our house. When we had them planted in in the ground at our last house they seemed to grow faster than we could trim them.

    1. Thanks Reg, I almost captioned it “someone tell me what this is”! It’s prevalent and we have all colors here!

  2. We love your verve! And interests…flowers, biking AND desserts!
    How does the biking go? I remember some hilly country when we drove the coast road.
    Yay for your energy and curiosity.
    Susan shared you blog with us.

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