Peopling 101

We are enjoying our return to life with other vaccinated people. Our west coast interlude came to an end a few weeks ago and I’ve had some time to reflect on it. The best part of it was the visits with friends, some new and the rest established relationships (not old!).

Judy came to visit us and we loved our time together. We even got the chance to introduce her to the famed Balboa Banana. We earned our treats with the over four mile roundtrip walk to get them, and besides, they were bananas, so they had to be good for us!

Posing with Judy on the bridge to Balboa Island
You know you want these…yum!

This trip also saw a return to weekly rides with Britt and Kevin. We met and became riding and lunch companions about five years ago. The pandemic had kept us apart and it was nice to catch up. We also had the added bonus of meeting another couple they recently started riding with.

Britt and Kevin with us at Shady Canyon
Britt and Kevin rocking new rainbow jerseys (on their new bike)!
Cafe break adding new friends Dennis and Kathy

We missed our monthly tandem club ride for May, but we were able to participate in a group ride with a new-ish (and still forming) SoCal group. Five couples met in Irvine and enjoyed a 45 mile ride that Roger created (no surprise). It’s also not surprising that we had a rest stop at Pacific Whey and we shared a dessert.

Regrouping after a rest stop
Posing on campus with the UC Irvine Anteater
To-die-for chocolate chip bread pudding…sorry Mitzi!

A discussion of our peopling would be incomplete if I didn’t mention that we had 2 lunch dates in San Clemente with one of our fave couples. Michael is camera shy and we frequently forget to snap a photo when spending time with him and Nancy so there is no photographic evidence of our most recent visit…maybe next time!

Because there was no Georgia Tandem Rally this year, we actually celebrated my Birthday while on the left coast. We had a fantastic dinner out and it’s a rule that you must have dessert on your special day.

Five Crowns famous chocolate soufflé on the left and complimentary strawberry shortcake on the right (both were amazing)!

We are currently working on some travel plans for the summer as we continue to get out and enjoy the freedom of immunity. We’ll be sure to share our trips and our desserts as they happen.

An impressive new mural in Huntington Beach
The pretty sunsets were few and far between this trip

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10 thoughts on “Peopling 101

  1. So glad we got to meet and ride with you on this trip, and we look forward to your next visit – – please let me know a few weeks ahead of your flight, and I’ll round up the tandem teams for another fun ride! And although I’m not sure I should thank you for introducing us to Pacific Whey (since the pastries are hard to resist, making it very hard to stick to a diet), it certainly is a gem with a great location convenient to so many of the rides we do. Thanks again to Roger for planning such a great route – – Ken & I rode it again last weekend!

  2. P.S. I’ve planned entire rides around stopping for a chocolate-covered banana (my fave is dark chocolate and heath bar crunch) on Balboa Island – – they are the BEST!!

  3. What a treat to meet you both on your latest visit to SoCal! Hoping to cycle with you on your next trip here.

  4.  Hi Eve and Roger. We read and looked through your post. Thanks for including us as new riding friends. We think we recognize two people that was on your 45 mile group tandem ride in OC. By chance did you ride with Steve and Sue Stewart during that ride? Dennis DeLucio

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  5. Hi Eve and Roger. I saw this and and thought “I can relate to this guy”😂. Hope all good with you Dennis and Kathy DeLucio From California

    Sent from my iPhone


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