All Around Athens

Thumbs up for a long weekend in the Classic City with Mitzi and John. Despite the heat, we visited many of our favorite haunts as well as some new places destined to be favorites.

It was a two-bike weekend which started out on the gravel roads near Rutledge.

Our trusty Fandango awaits the ride to come.
This is one of a few new murals in Rutledge.

Our ride is 28 miles of rural roads, most unpaved. We do some climbing and we are rewarded with a stunning field of sunflowers for our rest stop.

They weren’t exactly “facing us”, but the view was still lovely.
Mitzi and John
Thanks to Mitzi for taking this one.

We put the gravel bikes back in the vans, lunched at Yesterday’s and headed to Athens. On Friday we debuted our new jerseys and socks – and I think we looked pretty spiffy, which of course made us ride better!

New (for fall) fashion!
Socks make the outfit!

Weaver D’s is an Athens legend because REM named an album after their slogan.

Lunch Time

Although it is fine country cooking, it’s located just down the hill from bustling downtown Athens. The fried chicken is excellent.

We “earned” this on a hard, hot ride.

There is nothing like a cold glass of good beer after a long day in the sun.

The beer at Trapeze is smooth and delicious.

On Saturday morning we are back on the road, riding for ice cream!

Posing in our favorite kits!
The reward today is Sub-Zero nitrogen ice cream!
My concoction (which I shared) was incredible.
Mitzi and I were both pretty happy with our choices.

After dinner we go to the newest hot spot in the city. The HYBAR is atop the Hyatt Place. It has great views of the city and lots of youthful people snapping selfies.

Not a great sunset this night.
A helpful HYBAR server snapped this photo for us.

One more ride on Sunday wrapped up the weekend fun.

Two pretty bikes!
I don’t know who won this county line! See if you can figure out who is in what county.

Did I mention it was hot? We started early and tried to stay hydrated. We rode, we ate, we shopped – Life is good!

Next up: off-roading in south Georgia, where everyone is hoping to get “filthy dirty”.

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3 thoughts on “All Around Athens

  1. Great seeing John & Mitzi. And of course Roger & Eve. Good people! Who knows, some day we may ride together again.

    P.S. Ice cream looks wonderful.

  2. Love the way you coordinate all of your kits with your friends’ kits!! Even matching Seven’s!! (except for the bar tape color) Looking forward to riding (and dining and beer tasting) with you again – – when do you expect to get back to SoCal??

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