Dirty GTR

In 2019 we did double duty and hosted the Georgia Tandem Rally (May) and the Southern Tandem Rally (September). When we left Greenwood, SC in the fall of 2019, we had no idea just how long it would be before we attended, or hosted another rally.

Almost two years later, we got together with 22 fully vaxxed teams in south Georgia for an off-road rally. It was certainly a far cry from any event we had hosted previously, but it was crazy fun, and we just might do it again!

The Hilton Garden Inn in Tifton was a perfect location because it provided a large lobby area with a bar and a comfortable outdoor gathering place with a generous seating area.

My fav shot of the weekend – beautiful roads and agriculture.
Fields of peanuts
The cotton is getting close – harvest time is around October
Pecan trees too!

It was a no frills rally. Roger created 3 beautiful days of rides on mostly unpaved, but well-maintained roads. All meals were “on your own”. We organized (early) happy hour at the bar on Friday and Saturday so that people could get together and find dining companions.

Roger debuted his GTR drone at Friday’s ride start in Eldorado.
Saturday ride start in Omega.
We were on our own for a big part of the Friday ride.

Almost everyone learned something about riding off-road. The most significant lessons: fat tires with suspension good, loose sandy roads with skinnier tires – bad! This event reinforced something we have learned on our pre-tours – the small groups are a great way for people to get to know each other.

I know loyal readers will want to know if there were any desserts!
There was also a visit to the DQ! We earned it!

27 teams had signed up for the rally, 5 pulled out – three because of Covid-related issues and 2 because of their own health issues. By the time Sunday rolled around we only had 9 teams that rode and 8 that did the full 25-mile route! They were rewarded with the best conditions of the weekend (it had rained on Saturday and that probably helped to pack the sand down and make the surface firmer) and a visit to the Berry Good Farms!

This is the small group getting ready for the Sunday ride from the hotel
Our bike at rest at the Berry Good Farms.

Everyone stopped and we had an awesome photo opportunity. Aren’t we adorable?

If only berries were in season, we could have picked! Maybe next time.
For those who questioned just how dirty we got!

Next up for us will be the Southern Tandem Rally in Tupelo, MS at the start of October. There was not a vaccination requirement for that event, so we’ll be very careful about what we choose to participate in during that weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Dirty GTR

  1. Hi Eve and Roger.
    Looks like you all had a great ( but dirty) time on your recent rally.
    What fun!
    Hope to see you in October back in Southern Cal. and ride along with you guys and the Fullerton’s.
    Dennis and Kathy DeLucio(San Vlemente, Ca.).

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