Part 2: Two Weeks Two-Gether in Two-son

When we last left our intrepid travelers, we were headed to…Yuma? We basically followed our Coast 2 Coast route from San Diego all the way to Tucson, reminiscing along the way. I’m not gonna lie, it was much easier and a lot more comfortable inside the air conditioned Mercedes-Benz, but I wouldn’t give up what we experienced on C2C for anything!

Lunch stop in Yuma

We visited with C2C friends Mike and Barb who live half the year in Tucson. I’m kicking myself because we neglected to take a picture of ourselves, but don’t worry because we did snap a photo of the Amy’s Donuts we brought for dessert.

Amy’s must have at least 70 varieties of yummy donuts!

On the drive to visit Mike and Barb there was rain and sunshine in the area and we lucked out with a stunning rainbow.

Our bungalow was pretty close to The University of Arizona so we went for a visit.

At the heart of the campus.

We learned that in 1915 the students placed a giant “A” on Sentinel Pass. School pride and all that jazz. The cool thing is that on Mondays cars aren’t allowed up the mountain which makes the climb fun for cyclists.

The big A looks down from Sentinel Pass

Hockey in the desert? Yes, but first some green beer at the Dillinger Brewery for St. Patrick’s Day.

Tucson’s team is the Roadrunners. While we were having the beer, the team’s community relations director, who just happens to be married to Dillinger’s head brewer, hit us up with some free tickets.

Caren’s 60th Birthday ride, our last ride of the trip, was one of the highlights. We rode with 5 other tandems, had lunch on the ride and then cake afterwards. A great day on and off the bike.

Birthday celebration group!

Roger is driving west as I type. We just relived another awesome C2C memory with a rest stop in Dateland where we COULD NOT resist having a (small) date shake (for which they are famous). YUM. Full of dates and almost as good as the fresh strawberry shakes from Floral City, FL.

We have three more weeks in Newport Beach to soak up the warm California sun. I’ll post again in a few weeks to share the springtime sights.

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