SoCal Spring Blooms

We’ve been back in the ATL for about a month, and we are close to Georgia Tandem Rally (GTR) week. It seems that I forgot to post my pictures of those spring blooms in SoCal. So I’m going to dash off this post before we pack up and head to LaGrange and Carrollton for GTR week.

Posing at a park rest stop
The hills are alive with purple!

We returned home to a month of rally prep. It’s done and we are ready. We are just days away from the GTR pre-tour and I’ll post again after the festivities are over. And speaking of festivities, we are getting ready for a celebration of a huge birthday!

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7 thoughts on “SoCal Spring Blooms

  1. Now the Jacaranda trees are in full splendor. The purple blooms always make me think of you! Have a wonderful GTR.

  2. Have a great GTR! We will miss you this year, but there is always 2023! Enjoy! Chuck and Mary Lou

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  3. We will miss being at GTR this year, but heading to Spain for ten days of cycling. Love and fun wishes to our South Carolina
    Cyclists 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

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