It was a glorious six days of riding with friends new and old and we were so happy to be hosting a tandem rally again! Three years is a long time between editions of the Georgia Tandem Rally and the world is a very different place, but we did it! Based on how it felt, we are pressing ahead and working towards the 23rd edition of our rally in May of 2023.

Nineteen couples participated in the pre-tour, three days of socializing and riding in LaGrange, GA. We had a fun group who loved to have fun.

SWAG for the pre-tour participants had a special surprise!

Things kicked off with a remote start and purple porta-potties, a sign that a terrific week was ahead.

Yes we did!

The first ride was the climb up Pine Mountain which never fails to provide beautiful views and a thrilling descent.

Assembled at the general store before we start the climb.
“Kodak” moments at the top of the ridge!
Kicking it old school with the 2008 GTR Jerseys!
Thanks to Alex and Stacy for this pic in downtown Pine Mountain.

Our first happy hour was at Wild Leap brewery.

The GTR drone made its first appearance when we rode from the shores of West Point Lake. We spent most of the day in Alabama.

Ready to roll!
Crossing the dam at West Point Lake
Lunch at Hog Heaven after the ride! Yum.

Our visit to Beacon brewery was not quite as relaxing as our time at Wild Leap. We were happy to be outside, but not happy to be in an area that was turned into a playground for about a dozen screaming children.

Our third ride in LaGrange was from our Home2 Suites (terrific facility) and was short enough for most of us to finish and shower before heading over to Carrollton for the main event!

Ready to ride on day three.

We pull up stakes and move north about 45 miles to Carrollton, GA – our host city for GTR. This is a rally that we had planned BEFORE the 2020 rally in Tifton (that never happened). We postponed it to 2021…and then postponed it again to this year. Carrollton did not disappoint. The riding was (hilly) but beautiful and very low traffic and the venues were better than expected! Thanks to Carrollton for “over-delivering” on the promises!

On Thursday night we meet for packet distribution at Irish Bred. Even though the taps weren’t working everyone seemed to have a great time, and we got to reconnect with the other 40 or so teams (but no hugging for me)!

Friday morning, the weather gods keep up the good work as we gather in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot for our first meeting in three years.

We leave the hotel with a police escort and high hopes!

It’s a beautiful, hilly ride and we enjoy the 30-mile option.

Passing through Roopville…this is the whole town.
After a quick game of Mahj, we get ready for Butter’dudder

Friday night is our ice cream party. We’ve got the Blue Moo truck with home made treats at the “Amp” which is in the center of town. To be honest, I have been looking forward to this event for years! I am not disappointed, and everyone in attendance seems very happy too!

I had Vietnamese Coffee (their most popular flavor) and Banana Pudding!
It was a fun crowd at the “Amp”.

Saturday morning was GTR drone day and we all posed for photos for the webpage, here is my favorite one.

And here is Roger addressing the assembled group before the ride start.

The biscuit stop was great fun. We picked up the biscuits and set up at the covered bridge around 16 miles into the ride.

This is the darling bridge, you’ll see it in the overhead shots coming up too.
Getting ready to dish up the biscuits, honey and jelly!

After everyone carbed up, the next stop was the Depot on Bradley for a catered lunch and a little history.

Beautifully preserved depot is almost 150 years old.

We skipped the more formal banquet of past years and opted for a very casual visit to Printer’s Ale brewery.

Roger and I slipped out to enjoy a quiet, dinner for two at Shuckers Oyster House. Later we returned to the Amp for live entertainment put on by the city of Carrollton.

Our final ride was on Sunday, and more than half of the rally participants came out to ride with us.

We could not leave Carrollton without a final lunch and a final visit to Butter’dudder!

It was a wonderful week of fun and comradery for us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and that fact makes us want to do it again! The dates are set, but the location is not. Keep checking for more info later in the year.

Meanwhile, up next – I have a very special Birthday celebration coming up and we are planning to take a road trip to mark the event. I’ll report on that in the next installment.

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3 thoughts on “GTR WEEK

  1. The whole event looked amazing! Wish I had been there! All your hard work to make it happen shows!
    Eve- Love the new do! It looks great!
    Hope your special birthday tomorrow is stupendous! Sending warm wishes from CA. The weather has been beautiful, but we are still having more wind that I would like. 🌻

  2. Congrats to you and the drone pilot on another amazing GTR. Spectacular photos. The purple port a potties made me smile.

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