Home Sweet Home, But Not For Long!

We are back in the Eastern time zone and elbow deep in preps for The Georgia Tandem Rally (23rd edition). It’s about a week away.

I would be remiss if I didn’t pause here and share some Big Breaking News! Our cherished solo-offspring, Elliott and our adored future daughter-in-law, Skye are ENGAGED! I did NOT want to be accused of “burying the lead”.

Engaged at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!
Celebrating and looking forward to the nuptials!

And now back to our regularly scheduled post about our time on the west coast! The weather was not great. You will notice that we are wearing jackets or vests in many of the pictures. We headed west right after the celebration of Skye and Elliott and we saw a significant amount of rain and wind in the first few weeks.

The day after we arrived, the sun was out, but the wind was wicked! Check out the flag on the right.

Later that same day we saw our first (but far from last) rain. Sometimes the rain can bring special surprises! These pics were taken at home.

The rare double rainbow was spectacular and complete from end to end – we could not see the pot of gold!

Here we are getting our first glimpse of the ocean in polartecs and puffy vests…at least the sun was out.

Finally we were able to ride. On this trip we wore arm and leg warmers on every single ride.

Posing at a park rest stop

The rainy (and snowy at elevation) winter helped ease the drought and also provided a spring super bloom. We enjoyed the wild flowers and lots of color along our bike trails.

We did see a lot of friends on this trip, and we enjoyed some company on a few rides as well.

Riding to Silverado Canyon with Susan, Ken, Camille and Tony.

We kept up our tradition of weekly rides and lunches out with Britt and Kevin.

We added Dennis and Kathy for one of our rides.

And now a look at some of the (super) blooms we came across.

A colorful ride.

The “Pride of Madeira” is a stunning purple bloom that was at its peak in April. And it is extremely photogenic!

Judy came to visit and we enjoyed a walk to the coast.

There were not many sunsets of record. I’ll close with one we were able to see and photograph.

We have big bike trips in June and August and then it’s back to California in September. Busy, busy, busy! Stay tuned for details.

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7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home, But Not For Long!

  1. Random thoughts: So happy for Skye and Elliott. Love the double rainbow. Retirement well played. :):) See y’all soon. CliffnJoyce

  2. I will put in my request for better weather in September. Having you guys here is one of the highlights of our year.

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