BRAG 2012: Days 5 and 6

Day 5: Roswell to Winder, 72 miles
We hit the road around 8:00AM on our longest and hilliest day of the ride. It’s rush hour in Roswell and the cars are not happy. Soon it’s rush hour in Alpharetta and they aren’t happy there either. There are just too many cars on today’s ride, which is why we shouldn’t be this close to Atlanta. We finally break free of the traffic, but it takes at least 25 miles before we do so.

One of the best parts of the ride takes us over Buford Dam, which makes Lake Lanier happen. On one side is the lake, and on the other is the Chattahoochie River.

It’s quite the scenery, especially looking back on the river below you.

When we get to the 60-mile rest stop we are all in pain from the hills and the miles. This is a tough ride, but we only have 10 more miles to go. Luckily, the ride flattens out towards the end, but if my butt had to sit on that bike seat for one more minute, I would not have made it. Lunch at Johnny’s NY Pizza was eaten so fast that we forgot to take pictures.

After a 72-mile/5000+ feet of climbing ride, we deserve a reward, and that reward is our once-a-year trip to the Golden Corral! Not only that, but they are running a 2 for $20 special tonight and we are pigging out on the cheap.

Plus, you get the chocolate wonderfall AND cotton candy. What a way to end a long day on the bike!

Day 6: Winder to Cornelia, 54 miles
It’s another cool day in Georgia and we are ready to roll. The temperatures this week have been amazing and the lack of heat has kept the cramping factor at zero. Today looks promising because it’s a lot flatter than yesterday’s quad killer.

We get our picture made at a rest stop (we told the guy that took it to avoid the white van, oh well) and it is almost the last picture ever taken of us. Some a-hole tries to pass us on a blind curve and avoids a head on by going completely onto the grass on the other side of the road. We still don’t know how he didn’t hit us or the oncoming car, but he speeds off to live another day.

When you get to Cornelia, you have to take this picture…

It’s the biggest attraction in town. Here’s how we felt at the end of yesterday’s ride, but it felt good to lie down for a bit today as well.

And one more since I love good railroad photos…

We end the day with a “last night of BRAG” Mexican dinner next door to our hotel. We are celebrating Eve’s birthday all month, and the festivities continue…


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