Shop ‘Til You Drop

It’s market day in Apt. Going to the market in centre ville is a weekly ritual in most villages in Provence.
We have grown accustomed to the practice and look forward to the vast array of choices of the freshest, just picked fruit.
Fish, meat and cheese.

Spices, Olives, Soaps.DSCN1757


They’ll cook for you if you prefer. This paella, cooked fresh on site features shrimp, chicken and sausage.

And why not let someone else rotisserie your chicken for you?

You name it and you can find it on market day. In fact, if you can’t find it, then you probably don’t need it. It gets crowded and you have to sharpen your elbows to get through the mass of humanity if you stay much later than 11:00am. It’s approaching 11:30, people are everywhere, and we have to take our purchases and get the heck out of town.

Here is the bounty (chicken and potatoes are not in the photo) of fresh food we will be enjoying in the coming days.
Coming up:  It’s date night and that means it’s time for our meal of the week.

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