Coast 2 Coast Day 26: Food, Glorious Food

Calories. They are what keep us going for 65 miles a day. In another life, when we aren’t riding our bike across the country, we are food bloggers, and are into good food and food photography. We have had to control ourselves on this trip and refrain from taking pictures of everything we eat.

In this entry, we will share as many food pics as our spotty cell/internet coverage will allow!

First we introduce Anne and her husband Serge, our fabulous food team.

Anne is an incredibly creative cook who makes artfully presented and delicious food for huge groups of people.

Everything she makes comes out of this food trailer, which is towed from stop to stop.

She gets up by 4am to prepare a hot breakfast buffet every morning.

Oatmeal is the star of the spread, but on layover days we get (later) spreads with extras like eggs (150 scrambled at a time!), lox and coffee cake.

Our lunches are usually on the road at places that are Bubba approved, and we have learned that you can trust it will be good if it’s on our cue sheet!

Snack and dinner are where Anne shines. She creatively reuses and repurposes everything so that there is a minimal amount of waste, and halfway through our trip she has not repeated anything. Oh, and there are always about three options to choose from, including something for the vegetarians.
We’ve had many “special nights” like Greek night – including baklava for dessert.
There was a festive and hearty Italian night.

Asian food night was so authentic we felt like we were eating at a Chinese Restaurant.

Hawaiian night included a tender pork dish to “die for”, and had many repeat customers!

Last night we enjoyed some good old American comfort food during grill night.

One of my personal favorites was the perogies you can see on this plate….I had about five, they were stuffed with potatoes and cheese (and delicious mixture that reminded me of blintzes).

Anne doesn’t like to bake, but somehow her desserts always seem to hit the spot.  Sometimes simple is better.

Tomorrow: a big day as we hit the halfway point of the ride.

14 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 26: Food, Glorious Food

  1. Love food! Eve, you are so cute with your enjoyment of sweet! Love how y’all enjoy life two-gether. We sure enjoyed our “Anne” fixin’s. 😊😊

  2. I don’t think you have to worry about the scale… you are leaving it all out there on the highway. As for Anne, I will second the comment from magsmcdee, is Anne available for a “rent to own” ?

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