Coast 2 Coast Day 48: The Trek To Tallahassee 

“Tallahassee” means “heat and hills” in Seminole. At least that’s what we have been trying to tell our riding companions on this trip. They did not believe us until today.

Start city: Marianna, FL
End city: Tallahassee, FL
Miles: 81
Total miles to date: 2677…around 250 to go
Miles in Florida: 251
Pedaling time: 5 hours, 26 minutes
Avg. speed: 14.9 mph
Feet climbed: 3400
Fatigue factor: 8 out of 10
Wind: SE 5 mph, not much of a factor today
Road condition: 5 out of 5
Temperature extremes: 60 at ride start, 88 at ride finish
Florida: The place where all New Yorkers dream of retiring

Our top story today is that after we crossed the Appalachicola River…

We entered the Eastern time zone for the first time since February 28th! Today’s route put us within a half mile of the Florida-Georgia border. We did not do the extra mile as we have ridden in Georgia before.

Our first rest stop is at the Around the Corner Bakery. In keeping with one of our trip themes, it’s across from a caboose (and Roger loves cabooses…caboosi?).

Eve loves puffy clouds and photographs them whenever she sees them!

We are not gonna lie, today we are exhausted after the long, hot uphill climb through Tally.  It didn’t end when we hit Leon County, it just went on and on!

Sorry, no picture of us looking pathetic at the end of the ride…We were too beat to ask someone to capture the moment!  And there was no ice cream to be found.

But we would not miss the opportunity to tell you that we had Tallahassee dinner guests!

Monica and Chris (yes, tandem friends) come by to experience the skills of Chef Anne! Hey, menu girl–what’s for dinner?

Tomorrow: Four rides to go and the legs are very tired. Can we get 250 more miles out of them?

NORAD tracks us as we ride each day. You can too:

10 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast Day 48: The Trek To Tallahassee 

  1. We will understand if you decide not to ride at the GTR…..but we know you will! Congratulations on a great achievement!

    Chuck and Judy Harris

  2. This has been an awesome journey!…especially for us as we sit in front of the computer and read about your adventures! So close; we are going to miss your nightly posts! See you at the GTR.

  3. Four days and only 250 miles.. you have this! Keep thinking of what the BIG reward will be when you get to St. Augustine when your epic adventure comes to an end! What a team you are!

  4. I am with Roger on this one… I love a good caboose, but we might be talking about different things. 😉

    Amazing trip y’all.

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