Pedaling in Paradise

I teased that we had another bike in our stable.  It’s true, we have a “new” tandem which will be a permanent resident of California.

It’s a magnificent Erickson Signature custom bike, circa 1999. Yes it’s older than our coupled bike (that we rode across the USA this year), but has significantly less mileage on it.  We know the history and even borrowed it for a few weeks once in 2011.

The original owners, Mark and Debbie, designed a beautiful bike and took good care of it.  They sold it to Heidi and Al, who used it as a second bike to keep at the beach (in St. Augustine).  Now it’s ours and we are happy to have it back on the road.

Speaking of the road, here is our trip is far:
Highs in the 70’s, lows around 60 degrees. Various flowers always in bloom. Great big bike lanes, and many, many bike trails. Cycling specific traffic signals, and sensors in the road. Stunning ocean views. Are we in heaven? No, this is Southern California and if you are a cyclist, you can become quite spoiled!

I’ll let my photo essay tell the story of our first 2 weeks on the West Coast.

On the way to Seal Beach
A fantastic conclusion to the Roger 60 festivities in Los Angeles
We are obsessed with “Hamilton”!
The Huntington Beach Airshow
Look closely and you can see the planes in formation.
56th Annual Sand Castle Competition, CDM Beach
Prickly pear cactus in bloom
Bommer Canyon rest stop
Between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar
Harvest Moonrise
Our favorite donut shop
Awesome blueberry donut
Huntington Beach Dumpster Art Competition (for real)
Smoky sunset
Birds of Paradise in bloom
Bike paths in bloom!
Our yard in bloom

You are all caught up, I’ll share my photos again soon. We have some special guests arriving in a few days.

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9 thoughts on “Pedaling in Paradise

  1. Blueberry donut… and it just happens to be purple!
    You are in one of our favorite areas – glad to be sharing it with you through the photos.

    1. Thanks Paul, we agree that Glenn Erickson’s tandems are works of art! We feel lucky to own 2 of them. This frame is significantly smaller than our coupled bike, but we are pretty comfortable. We have ridden over 700 miles so far on this trip and “it’s all good”!

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